Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight?

I dont know why its so hard..mostly in a month only can lose 1 kg..sometime dont lose at all..owh gosh..but when i do research and asked DR Rozmey maybe its because I took chemical medicine before..

It's not easy for the majority of us to achieve our weight loss goals, especially when we're on a structured diet.Losing weight often involves more than self-discipline, exercise and counting calories.when we dieting alone,sometimes I always feel bored and sometime loss control la..hahaha..

Here's why it's so hard to lose weight.Lets check it together

Three Factors that Contribute to Your Body Shape and Size (and make weight loss difficult):

1. Age - makin tua kadar metabolisme akan menurun,tak banyak aktiviti dapat buat..so ketika muda ni cpt2 la diet..hehe

2. Set point and metabolism - lemak kat badan yang degil mmg berbeza ikut body memasing..nasib masing2 la kan..

3. Genetics - faktor keturunan..hurmm..ade betul nye tapi ini bukan la satu alasan untuk kite tak boleh capat berat ideal kan..usaha usaha usaha sampai jaya..

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